The Decade in Technology and Venture Capital: Looking Back on the 2010s

  1. Software Eats Traditional Industries
The Women Shaping Silicon Valley (Source: Forbes)
Stitch Fix Goes Public (Source:
AWS Revenue Grew Almost 9x Between 2014 and 2019, Approaching a $40B Run-Rate (Source: Statista)
Public SaaS Revenue Multiples Continued to Increase, Reflecting Investor Optimism About Future Growth (Source: Tomasz Tunguz)
Travis Kalanick, Uber’s CEO/Co-Founder, Stepped Down in 2017 and Left the Board at the End of 2019 (Source:
Mark Zuckerberg Was Grilled by Congress Over its Data Privacy Scandals (Source: Hollywood Reporter)
Steve Jobs Left a Visionary Legacy (Source: The Next Web)
Elon Musk Promised Autonomous Robo-Taxis by 2020 (Source: Electrek)
The Founders of DataDog, One of the Most Successful Developer Tools IPOs (Source: Business Insider)
The Founders of Spotify (Source: TheNextWeb)
Alibaba, Founded in a Modest Apartment in Hangzhou, Became the Largest Tech IPO in History (Source: Innovation is Everywhere)
Paul Graham and Jessica Livingstone Built Y-Combinator, which Invested in a Slew of Unicorns Over the Decade (Source: Silicon Valley Business Journal)
In 2009, Almost All of the Largest Companies in the World Were Non-Tech (Source: Visual Capitalist)
By 2019, Big Tech Dominated the List of Largest Companies in the World (Source: Visual Capitalist)



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Nnamdi Okike

Nnamdi Okike

Co-Founder/Managing Partner of 645 Ventures; Focused on investing in the world’s best technology startups